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  • Welcome to St Nicholas’ Church in the heart of North Walsham. For centuries people have worshipped on this site. They have come for joyful and sad times, for baptisms (christenings), weddings and funerals. They have come for the major festivals of the church at Easter and Christmas. They have silently slipped in and prayed silently and slipped out again during the course of a day. They have gathered Sunday by Sunday to celebrate the resurrection and the good news of Jesus Christ.  And we continue to do so today.

    Why not join us – you will be made very welcome.

    Rev Paul Cubitt




     Project Host

    Our parish church's patron is none other than the original Santa Claus!

    Saint Nicholas – also known as Santa Claus – was a 4th century bishop in Turkey, not far from the Syrian border, who always kept a special eye out for those in danger or distress.  One famous story sees him secretly dropping bags of money down a chimney by night for three girls who were just about to be sold into slavery ….

    Will Saint Nicholas visit the children displaced in the refugee camps around Syria this Christmas?  They need food, water and warm clothing.

    Can you serve a meal for Syria around 4 – 6 December?

    Inspired by St Nicholas’s kindness and welcome to all, we are hoping that all over our town during those three days, many little groups of people will be gathering in homes, with friends and neighbours, especially with people who they perhaps don’t know too well, to share a meal – not elaborate, simple is good.  Our aim is for over 1,000 people to be involved!

    Follow this link for further information and a form to complete and return, to enable Revd Susanna Gunner of St Nicholas Church Ministry Team to monitor the responses to this project.

    This is an opportunity for us to respond in a practical way to the distress and devastation we see daily in the media: the hosts will be contributing food to share, and their guests will be invited to make a donation, and all proceeds will be sent to Save the Children, a charity working with displaced children in the camps in and around Syria.

    View​ this 'Save the Children' link to see their objectives.

    Project Host - Latest Update    In addition ​to hosting a meal, as described above, the following restaurants/hotels have agreed to participate:

    • The Cockerel Tea Rooms, North Walsham

    • Labone Indian Restaurant, North Walsham

    • Beechwood Hotel, North Walsham


    For further details of these offers, check using this link.

    A note from Normam Lamb MP

    "I am very supportive of Revd Susanna Gunner’s ‘Project Host’ initiative being held over the weekend of 4-6 December.  I think that this is a fantastic way of both raising funds and continuing to raise awareness of the Syrian humanitarian crisis.

    My wife Mary and I were very happy to offer to host an event in support.  It is incredibly important we do what we can to help.  Funds raised over the weekend of 4/6th December for this initiative will go directly to Save the Children for clothing, food, and medical supplies.”

    Norman Lamb MP



    The Alongside Team  -​ For details of the St Nicholas, North Walsham Alongside Team, go to the webpage.


    North Walsham Poors Allotment Charity - The trustees of this charity meet twice a year (May & November) to consider submitted grant applications from North Walsham based individuals and organisations.  For more details follow this link.
    Text Giving. The parish has now established the facility to utilise Text Giving.  That means that you can text a gift to the Church via your mobile phone. You simply put the text "SNNW01" with the amount you wish to give and send it to "70070".


    • St Nicholas Church, North Walsham - Charity Registration Number: 1130505


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    Thursday 26th November
    9:00am  Morning Prayer
    9:15am  Coffee morning for the Rotary Club
    10:30am  Holy Communion
    3:00pm  Project Host - Afternoon Tea at The Beechwood

    Friday 27th November
    9:00am  Morning Prayer

    Saturday 28th November
    3:00pm  Family Workshop

    Sunday 29th November
    8:00am  Holy Communion - Prayer Book
    10:00am  Parish Communion
    4:00pm  Advent Carol Service

    Monday 30th November
    9:00am  Morning Prayer

    Tuesday 1st December
    9:00am  Morning Prayer

    Wednesday 2nd December
    9:00am  Morning Prayer
    2:30pm  Time Out - Saddler's Shop

    Thursday 3rd December
    9:00am  Coffee Morning for Hall Funds
    9:00am  Morning Prayer
    10:30am  Holy Communion
    5:30pm  Project Host - Labone Indian restaurant

    Friday 4th December
    9:00am  Morning Prayer


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