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    Welcome to St Nicholas’ Church in the heart of North Walsham. For centuries people have worshipped on this site. They have come for joyful and sad times, for baptisms (christenings), weddings and funerals. They have come for the major festivals of the church at Easter and Christmas. They have silently slipped in and prayed silently and slipped out again during the course of a day. They have gathered Sunday by Sunday to celebrate the resurrection and the good news of Jesus Christ.  And we continue to do so today.

    Why not join us – you will be made very welcome.

    Rev Paul Cubitt



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     Work starts on Tower.  Following the initial erection/dismantling of scaffolding in 2013, for the survey of the work required on the tower, there has been a great deal of activity around our Church tower beginning in June 2014.  Extensive scaffolding is being erected to enable experts to carry out the works necessary, following last year's survey.  This programme of work is planned to to last until December 2014 and fundraising is continuing.  A brochure, supporting the major appeal to help raise the necessary funds to properly repair the tower, has been published and is available in church.

    Now you can help with the repair of the tower of St Nicholas Church and be recorded in the history of North Walsham.  Read this news article for further information and a copy of the "Sponsor A Stone" brochure  also available.


    Architect highlights need for major repairs to windows and tower.  Defective pointing is causing trouble and many windows need releading and structural repair.  Copies of the Architect's Reports on repairs required to the Tower and the Roofs.  We are pleased to report that we have passed the first round of the English Heritage application and they are now doing their own detailed surveys to see how they may be able to help us.

    Teddy Bear Zip Wire Event   If you have an adventorous teddy bear, or know somebody that does, this event on Saturday 27th September 2014 beginning at 10.00 am will provide the teddy bears of North Walsham with the chance to be winched to the top of the Tower Repair scaffolding and then followed by a zip wire descent into the churchyard.  This fund raising event will be to support the ongoing work to the tower.  Refreshments and a Teddy Bear Tombola are planned to be available.  There will also be a seperate Raffle for prizes of 2 large Teddy Bears.


    Text Giving. The parish has now established the facility to utilise Text Giving.  That means that you can text a gift to the Church via your mobile phone. You simply put the text "SNNW01" with the amount you wish to give and send it to "70070".


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    Thursday 2nd October
    9:00am  Coffee Morning in the Church Halls for the Hall Funds
    9:00am  Morning Prayer in the Lady Chapel
    2:00pm  Teacake
    7:45pm  St Benet Singers Choir Vestry

    Friday 3rd October
    9:00am  Morning Prayer

    Sunday 5th October
    8:00am  Holy Communion - Prayer Book
    10:00am  Parish Communion
    11:45am  Baptism Service - George William Bullock
    6:30pm  Solemn Evensong

    Monday 6th October
    9:00am  Morning Prayer
    7:30pm  Julian Meeting at 113A Mundesley Road

    Tuesday 7th October
    9:00am  Morning Prayer
    3:15pm  Junior Choristers foll by Social Club

    Wednesday 8th October
    9:00am  Morning Prayer
    6:30pm  JAFFA group meet at 31 Yarmouth Rd

    Thursday 9th October
    9:00am  Coffee Morning for the Trefoil Guild
    9:00am  Morning Prayer in the Lady Chapel

    Friday 10th October
    9:00am  Morning Prayer



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